Policies and Procedures

Retention Requirements

In order to successfully progress and complete the Professional Master's Degree in Athletic Training, students must meet the following retention requirements:

  • Successful completion of all competencies and proficiencies outlined as part of Athletic Training courses
  • Receive satisfactory evaluations from supervising preceptors
  • Continue to meet the University of Connecticut Athletic Training Program Technical Standards for Admission
  • Maintain at least a “B” (3.0) average in the program at all times.
    • Whenever a student’s cumulative average falls below 3.0, the program is to be reviewed
      by the student’s advisory committee to determine whether or not the student shall be
      permitted to continue graduate study.
    • To be awarded a graduate degree, a student must have a grade point average
      of at least 3.0 on the student’s final Plan of Study
  • The following grades are viewed as below the expected standard for graduate students:
    • All “C” Grades: Course used in a supporting area may be of benefit to students who should not be discouraged from including work in their programs. Such work shall be identified on the Plan of Study.
    • All “D” Grades: Course with a grade of D+ or lower may not remain on the student’s Plan of Study. When a student receives such a grade, the student’s eligibility to continue in the degree program is reviewed by the student’s advisory committee.
    • Letters “F” and “U”: Necessitates a recommendation by the advisory committee to the Graduate School as to whether or not the student shall be permitted to continue graduate study.

For more information on the UConn Graduate School's policies, please visit: https://grad.uconn.edu/faculty/graduate-faculty-council/bylaws/

Requirements for Completion of Degree

Please see retention requirements above.

For plan of study and UConn graduate school requirements, please visit the following links: