Process for Admission

All requirements for program admission must be submitted by November 1st, unless specified. Admission can be denied if requirements are not fulfilled prior to initial program enrollment. The complete application is due online by November 1.

Application Requirements, Due November 1, forms linked in parenthesis:

  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (Examples include former coach, HS teacher, current UConn instructor-addressed to Dr. Stephanie M. Mazerolle, Department of Kinesiology, U-1110) Emailed or faxed letters will not be accepted. Each letter should be in a signed envelope.
  • Letter of Intent (Essay explaining why you have chosen a career in Athletic Training; indicate your goals and professional expectations. This letter should be typed and professional. Limit to 1-2 pages, 650 words.)
  • Confirmation by medical provider student meets immunization and Technical Standards and Health Waiver (UCONN-Health Waiver Form_UPDATED 81516)
  • Meet Technical Standards with or without accommodations (Technical Standards_UPDATED 8-12-16)
  • Complete HIPAA Training (completed in KINS 2100 or online—documentation required)
  • Completed OSHA Training (in-person training offered each Fall)

Application Requirements (Due by In-Person Interview-November/December each year):

Application Requirements (Due Grades Posted in Fall Semester):

  • Completion of KINS 3100 (Grades noted in Official Transcript)
  • Completion of KINS 2100 and 2110, which includes observation hours under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer (Grades noted in Official Transcript)
  • Completion of PNB 2264 with a C or higher-grade lower than C- ineligible for admission (Grades noted in Official Transcript)
  • Overall GPA (Official Transcript)

Materials Required Once Accepted (Due January 21):

  • Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) Certification and First Aid (Red Cross or America Heart Association). 100% online courses do not meet the ECC requirement and will not be accepted.ECC certification must be documented prior to clinical rotations (provide copy of cards) and must include the following (as written on the Board of Certification website):
    • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Healthcare Provider (American Red Cross)
    • BLS Healthcare Provider (American Heart Association)
  • Student Liability Insurance (HPSO provider)  (Provide Copy of Insurance)
  • NATA Membership (Provide Copy of Student Membership)
  • HBV Vaccination Documentation or Signed Waiver. Completion of HBV series or signed waiver must be documented prior to clinical rotations. (Immunization Record)

Notification of acceptance into the ATP will be made after grades have been posted during the Fall semester.